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Toronto activists responded to the rise of the Ku Klux Klan and other neo-nazi groups with this May Day event at a local high school.

Poster for Arts for Peace Conference

Official poster for the second Mayworks festival.

A poster depicting the trap of welfare that keeps people in poverty and how it's used as a threat to the working poor.

Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP) and Metro Labour Council

Pat Jeffries Neo Nazi Clean. Prop for 1985 Heretics video.

Poster for march by the Independent Artists Union (IAU) protesting cuts to the arts

Poster for public meeting at OISE auditorium commemorating struggle for democracy in Chile on the 15th anniversary of the military coup that overthrew the Popular Unity Government of Salvador Allende

Canadian Committee for Solidarity with…

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Poster in support of the Canadian Farmworkers Union (CFU) organizing drive in Southern Ontario depicting tobacco pickers, a major crop at the time centered around Delhi, Ontario.

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The Green Work Alliance was formed around the closing of the Caterpillar Plant in Toronto to demand it be converted to green production. The Alliance involved environmentalists, unionists (namely from the CAW that represented plant workers) and…

Exhibition of photographs from Nicaragua by Deborah Barndt and Daniel Caslli
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