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You Could Be Arrested to Riot metal plaque.


The Working People's Picture Show was a play based on skits developed by the Company of Sirens that toured across Ontario. Pictured are Aida Jordan and Cynthia Grant.

Commissioned by Organized Working Women

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Statement of the Women’s Cultural Building collective. April/May 1982. Photographed July 2011 at Queen & Augusta.

The Whole Loaf Theatre (1976-1995) was founded by Sara Barker and David Anderson to develop upon popular theatre forms for shows in public spaces. Their shows were motivated by their progressive political views. Between 1976-1980 Sara and David…

The Whole Loaf Theatre built huge puppets for outdoor spectacles. Over the years its giant pageants were part of many marches and demonstrations and were performance at many folk festivals and schools.

Produced with donations from audiences,…

What Ever Happened To Price Controls? at Labour Day 1977 on Spadina Ave

Poster for a concert in support of Eaton's Boycott

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Album cover for vinyl album "Warfare versus Welfare" by Clive Robertson

Poster in support of OPSEU's successful organizing drive at the AGO. The first King Tut exhibition was at the AGO.

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