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1990 Labour Day Partisan skit "Dump the deal" (Orenstein bros beneath the masks)

The Working People's Picture Show was a play based on skits developed by the Company of Sirens that toured across Ontario. Pictured are Aida Jordan and Cynthia Grant.

Commissioned by Organized Working Women

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The Whole Loaf Theatre built huge puppets for outdoor spectacles. Over the years its giant pageants were part of many marches and demonstrations and were performance at many folk festivals and schools.

Produced with donations from audiences,…

Photo of members of ANC-Toronto sponsored performance troupe Siyakh at Nelson Mandela 70th Birthday Picnic, Queen's Park, July 17, 1988. (L-R: Wally Brooker, Zane Carim)

Theatre CounterClockWise, founded by Sara Barker in 1995, participated with its giant pageant puppets in Ontario's Days of Action in 1996 and the fight against the amalgamation of Toronto's six cities a few months later.

Partisan skit for Toronto Days of Action, October 1996.

(L-R: Mike Constable, Richard Slye, & Peter Gillett)

Partisan skit for Toronto Days of Action, October 1996 with Mike Harris "Eraserhead" and erasable painting. L-R: Matt Hebb, Richard Slye, Alma Roussy, Peter Gillett, Mike Constable)
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