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Poster for GAYAP Rhythm Drummers album.

Voicespondence Artists Records (Clive Robertson)

Album art work for Lillian Allen's album "Revolutionary Tea Party." The JUNO winning album (for "Best Reggae/Calypso") was the first dedicated to a black musical genre.

Cover for album by Toronto reggae band Truths and Rights

Photo of members of ANC-Toronto sponsored performance troupe Siyakh at Nelson Mandela 70th Birthday Picnic, Queen's Park, July 17, 1988. (L-R: Wally Brooker, Zane Carim)

Pat Jeffries Neo Nazi Clean. Prop for 1985 Heretics video.

Toronto activists responded to the rise of the Ku Klux Klan and other neo-nazi groups with this May Day event at a local high school.
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