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Play by Susan Meuer and Alan Booth based on the closing of the Goodyear plant in Etobicoke

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Official poster for the second Mayworks festival.

Mike Constable tempting the A.I.Bee with a big dollar on a string.

Canada-wide General Strike (October 26, 1976). Demonstration at Queens Park in front of the Ontario legislature.

Poster in support of the Canadian Farmworkers Union (CFU) organizing drive in Southern Ontario depicting tobacco pickers, a major crop at the time centered around Delhi, Ontario.

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The Green Work Alliance was formed around the closing of the Caterpillar Plant in Toronto to demand it be converted to green production. The Alliance involved environmentalists, unionists (namely from the CAW that represented plant workers) and…

Film about South Asian farm workers union in B.C. by Anand Patwardhan and Jim Munro

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What Ever Happened To Price Controls? at Labour Day 1977 on Spadina Ave

Poster in support of OPSEU's successful organizing drive at the AGO. The first King Tut exhibition was at the AGO.

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