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Toronto activists responded to the rise of the Ku Klux Klan and other neo-nazi groups with this May Day event at a local high school.

Pat Jeffries Neo Nazi Clean. Prop for 1985 Heretics video.

Photo of members of ANC-Toronto sponsored performance troupe Siyakh at Nelson Mandela 70th Birthday Picnic, Queen's Park, July 17, 1988. (L-R: Wally Brooker, Zane Carim)

Cover for album by Toronto reggae band Truths and Rights

Album art work for Lillian Allen's album "Revolutionary Tea Party." The JUNO winning album (for "Best Reggae/Calypso") was the first dedicated to a black musical genre.

Poster for GAYAP Rhythm Drummers album.

Voicespondence Artists Records (Clive Robertson)
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